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April 11th 1954 The dulles day of the 20th Century

november 26 2010 Various news media proncounced April 11th of 1954 to be the dullest of the 20th Century. I found a few sources claiming this statement.

On this day, Marilyn Monroe married Joe DiMaggio and Belgium held general elections. And according to the scientific research, nothing else happened that day.

EXPERTS have worked out the dullest day of the 20th Century - April 11, 1954.

There were no big news events, births or deaths that day, according to research.



It was a terrible day to bury bad news - because on April 11, 1954, NOTHING happened.

In a century that saw two world wars, space exploration and the invention of TV and the internet, that desperately dull 24 hours was the mother of all slow news days.



We will prove them wrong

Anyone involved in reed organs will tell you that on April 11 1954 the world was as exciting than any date before April 11. And we are going to prove it. Send you messages proving the statement to me and I will add it to this page. Keep your messages short, somewhat like a 'Tweet'..... Something like:


On April 11 1954 Estey was involved in building a Virtuoso # 456


Fritz was at the University of Minnesota studying under Dutch professor vanderZiel, whose research at the time was on "Noise in [electronic] gaseous discharges". We called him Doctor Fart:

Aldert van der Ziel was a pioneering researcher into the phenomenon of flicker noise in physical electronics. He published 15 books and more than 500 scientific papers. He was also a writer on Christianity, particularly the relationship between science and religion. Van der Ziel belonged to a conservative Lutheran church. Van der Ziel obtained a Ph.D. In 1934 from the University of Groningen. He worked at Philips in Eindhoven until 1947. In 1947 he went to Vancouver, Canada and moved to the University of Minnesota in 1950 to become professor of electrical engineering.

posted by R.F.G. Florida