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Vox Humana Jaargang 23 nr. 04 Volume 92

October 2012, 44 pages



Vox 23-04  
Vox 23-04 Alexandre 1865



Inhoudsopgave / Table of contents


Cover front: Packard Style 345, featured in pages 26-27

Cover back: Harmonium Alexandre Père & Fils, # 48987-9233, built 1865. 4,5 ranks

Packard Fort Wayne Style 345
#73041 - 111732 (undated)

Alexandre # 48987-9233
4,5 ranks

Bass Coupler
Diapason 8 ft
Dulcet Bass 8 ft
Viola 4 ft
Violina 4 ft
Vox Angelica 2 ft
Cornet Echo 2 ft
Vox Humana
Vox Angelica 8 ft
Pipe Diapason 8 ft
Celesta 8 ft
Dulcet Treble 8 ft
Melodia 8 ft
Treble Coupler
  Chamber model, 1865
Manufactured for Chappel & Co, London
Tuned at a=441




Various advertizing

1. Indexpage | Inhoudsopgave

Zesendertig pagina's met plezier en informatie | 44 pages of information and fun

2. Editioral | Redactioneel

2. Annual Meeting & Concerts / Presidential sermon: Yes we can again.

The Annual Meeting of HVN is:
an event, music, books, calendars, harmoniums, pictures, slide shows, brochures, Vox Humanas, speeches, accounting, photography, recording, compact discs, HVN-members, music-albums, museum presentation, restorers, Ideas, drinks, lunch, concerts, the "Willem-quartett", and finally: me.......
The event is held at November 3, starting at 10:30. Attendance is free. Most of the attendents are multi-lingual. Visitors from various countries.

3. Herinneringen uit het Harmoniumverleden van de fa. Mart Vermeulen te Woerden | Gerard Wortman

The history of the Vermeulen company at Woerden. Pipe organs and reed organs. Here is a picture album.

Gerard Wortman became an employee at age 14 in 1947. He collected an abundant amount of historic documentation from the warehouses and his continuous contacts with the Vermeulen family. The Vermeulen family owned the Mason & Hamlin 3m Style 1202 with pipetop till only 2 years ago.


8. GEERT BIERLING - Organist - Carrilloneur - Harmoniumist

Geert Bierling is the titulaire of both the Rotterdam City Hall organ as well as titulaire of the giant V/p-70 Flentrop organ in Concert Hall "De Doelen". This tracker organ is considered to be one of the widest organ in size!. (The size has been checked by looking at the design drawings in the Flentrop archive: the official size is: 1312 centimeters centimeters / 516.5 inches). Even being an organist on famous organs, Bierling is famous for his harmonium concerts.

At the Annual HVN Meeting he will play a harmonium concert with Baritone Willem de Vries, where they will present a revival of 'Hymn singing at the Harmonium'. (And of course: much more: opera, operette, sacred music and secular music.



As each year, the new edition of the Famous Harmonium Calendar is presented. And as each year: some one will be honoured with an A3 size calendar.


11. Harmonium collection in Montgesty (France) | Joop Rodenburg

Two pages of information - in full colour - of the Harmonium Collection in Montgesny in France. One of the members of the Féderation Française des Amis de l'Harmonium (FFAH) has a collection in his historic stoneflanges barn.

13. Theo Hess en zijn Harmoniums | Wim Rhebergen

Theo Hess is the titulaire of the Church of St. Martin at Venlo.

16 Restoration or renovation | Maarten van den Bosch

A discussion about restoration ethics and practice. Maarten presents flaws and mistakes in the original design and/or construction, and shows how to change the design.

19 Flor Peeters: "Intieme Stonden" / "Heures intimes"- 60 short pieces | Jan van Mol

Three pieces: "Le Chant de la Forge" /The song of the forge"; "Avondgebed / Prière du Soir"; "Vergeten liedje / Chansonnette retrouvée"

Extensive information on Balthasar-Florence, a Belgium harmonium builder, almost the one and only true harmonium builders, almost all other brands were 'assembly instruments based upon French parts'.

Van Mol shows 'how to play' and what stops to use. A 2 page score is printed on pages 22-23.


An intermezzo in between to chapters of the series of articles.

Harmoniumnieuws uit de bladen
Harmonium news gathered from other magazines

26 The Packard reed organ | Joop Rodenburg | Klaas van Boggelen | Wim Rhebergen

Dr. Teus den Toom wrote a dissertation on the Dutch organbuilder "Witte" the continuation of the famous "Bätz" company. His dissertation is a magnus opus in the Dutch Organ History. Two volumes, some 1500 pages, 6 kilograms to hold. As an example of his work see the page about the Witte organ in my village of birth. One of his children proved to be a talented organist, playing his first notes ever on this particular Packard Reed Organ.



28 Debain: zijn leven en werk | Debain: his life and works | Joop Rodenburg

This article is about F.A. Debain, the inventor of the Harmonium. An organbuilder, piano-manufacturer and most known for his harmoniums. The factory building was a nice one.

32 Historique du Procès en contrefaçon des Harmoniums-Debain.

Debain was in a long battle with some of the other builders at the time. Allmost 3 years of claims, accusations, and at last a victory.

39 Harmonium Museum Nederland |

Restoration of a Mason & Hamlin Style 10, restored by Jaap Meijer.

The Harmonium Museum Netherlands is very ALIVE AND KICKING. Have a look at the website

Harmonium Museum

Picture 2011 © Frans van der Grijn




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De volgende editie van Vox Humana, nr. 24-01 Volume 93, verschijnt op 1 January 1, 2013.

















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