update: 30-06-2010

Yes, why should one visit a website dedicated to harmonium and reed organ.

For one: This website sometimes delivers facts and stories not available elswhere.

Some examples are on this page, they are screendumps of remarkable pointers to this website.





To visit a museum with no website

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How to sell on craigslist and show information


A Mustel with golden reeds?

Golden Mustel

For this amount of money you can buy yourself this marvellous car at Hessing import of Bentley Cars in Holland

Picture Bentley Arnage R. 6.75 litres, v8 with picknicktables

Mind you, a Mustel is much more musical than the exhaust sounds of an Arnage R (although a very nice sound at 4500 rpm!). A Mustel however has only 0.3 grams carbon dioxide per minute, where the Bently has 393 g/km in the same time at 60 km/h ... :-)


Bentely logo Bentley wheel  
Bentley Arnage R
picture sponsored [i.e. nicked] courtesy of mr. Giordi Wammes, Bentley sales Netherlands.

And it gets funnier and funnier: Rolls Royce even has a gizmo inserted. To communicate with your driver you can regulate the volume of the drivers voice by a 19th century invention called 'Expression" ( © F.A. Debain 1843). And here it is in all its simplicity:

Rolls Royce