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updated: 12-08-2013

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A peculiar Alexandre

This sale triggered my attention:


The advertisement triggered me because it has only "one pedal".

Details as mentioned in the advertising:

Alexandre Père et Fils, 1850, serialnumber 3084. One rank 8', 4 octaves C-c3 ( see keyboard ), Ivory keytops. Weight only 29 kgs (63.8 lbs).

Although the restorer is a retired protestant pastor, the instrument will play secular music too.

Upon a request for more pictures the restored supplied me with some pictures and a description. Hence, all photos are © C.A. van Nood.

Alexandre 1850
  Alexandre 1850


an identical in a collection of the University of Aberdeen



One feeder and a reservoir bellow. This instrument can not be played on expression.

It can be seen that the original pedal to pump is of the lever type, hinged at the back of the instrument. The travel-distance of the pedal wasn't really enough to play it comfortable, according to the restorer.Pumping proved to be "hard working" for the player. It made playing the instrument somewhat like a struggle. Hence the pedalconstruction has been changed to a more comfortable and more common method.



Alexandre 1850


Alexandre picture   Alexandre picture



Alexandre catalog cover


Alexandre promotion





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