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Estey single manual organ Style H

-----Oorspronkelijk bericht-----
Van: Paul Holland
Verzonden: Saturday 14 February 2009 2:50
Aan: Reed Organ Restoration Group
Onderwerp: [ReedOrganRestoration] first time owner, i need help!!!1

hello all! my name is paul holland, today i picked up a 1930 estey
G-32 pump organ from a man off of craigslist.

After sending his message, Paul provided us with 13 pictures. In each picture are his questions.

The Estey catalogs pictures

Estey H 1903   Estey H later date
Catalog 1903   Undated catalog later than 1903


Action 98    
Action 98 Stoplist undated catalog (after 1904)    


Catalog 1929    
Prices in Catalog 1929    


    Catalog 1936
    Pricelist catalog 1936 Pipetop at $ 80.00


Paul's pictures, remarks and comments by me.


Estey H 01  

Restoration of this beautifull topnotch Estey instrument will most defenitely end up in a divorce and moving to a trailerpark.

Mrs. Holland will not be happy to find out her husband has fallen in love with Esther...

Due to this picture we were able to find out this is not a "G-32", instead it happens to be a Style H, which could be fitted with 3 actions, the biggest having 18 stops. This one has 18 stops. So this must be an action 98.

Deduction: Style H in Oak, containing Action 98. $ 290.00    


The backside opened. First of all: notice the assembly of the Subbass box. It is not - as commonly done - direct on the chest.  
Estey H 02


Estey H 03  

"The lower octave" is not "exactly right". The manualcompass is FF-f3.

The Subbass is one octave from C-c.



Yes, the felt should be replaced. This felt is meant to make the box airtight.  
Estey H 04


Estey H 05   The green stuff is felt. On the felt is a layer of leather.


These valves seem to be in good order, indeed.

As seen clearly, mr. Holland has a tattoo on his thumb, so he must be old enough to have smoked quite a few joints at the infamous Woodstock gathering :-)

Estey H 06


Estey H 07  

Yes, they do, but don't use agressive modern cleaning fluids...

My mother teached me: "What comes on dry, remove it dry". When done, a damp cloth (water only) will be enough to clean it thouroughly. Mrs. Holland can do that for you, she could well fall in love with Esther too.



Just above the Subbass box you can see the spreader-mechanism. The reeds of the Subbass are much wider than the rest of the reeds.

When well informed, this instrument should house 2 ranks of reeds in Philharmonic size.

Estey H 08


Estey H 09  

Mind you that Microsofts "Parenthood" tool could well mark this picture as 18+ rated... just because of the title.

It looks as there are two rows only in the front side of the cellblock.

Just above the red line is the Coupler mechanism, split in bass and treble.

Just below the red line the Pitmans to open the reed valves when a key is pressed.



First of all: Nice picture!! We should see more of these detailed pictures. I love pictures of smaller details of the reed organ.

Notice the colour of the wood, aged 70+ years now.

Estey H 10


Estey H 11  

Yes, this anomaly should be replaced. The plastic is not original, as are the drawing pins. (In my youth, long ago, they were referred to as thumbnails, now it seems they are drawing pins).

Original there was a piece of leather, flesh side down. Where the drawing pins are, there was a small wooden block holding the leather. At the frontside was a pin connected to the wooden lever.

Just below the plastic you can see a hole. When opened, the fan will start to rotate.



"This long wooden rod with the flaps" is called the Vox Humana. (Tremolo in Estey-speak). Don't replace it. The cardboard may look old, but it will work fine.

As you can see, when you close the stop Vox Humana, the end of the arm will touch the wooden rod. It works as a simple brake.

A brake is the left pedal (in automatic gear cars, the middle in clutch-shift cars) in your GM car, allways pushed in far,far to late by mrs. Holland. (Most of the time due to applying make-up at speed 61 mph on the highway).

Estey H 12


Estey H 13  

The "flaps" are the feeder valves. The right side flap is original. It is leather.

Research thouroughly how it is attached to the wood. Measure the size of the leather flap.

Buy TWO new flaps and replace both. So they will age simultaneously.



Some pictures of another Style H sold on ebay:

Estey Styl H 16 stops   Estey Style H 16 stops

Detail Estey Style H 16 stops

The Style H with 16 stops has the H 97 action

Bass   Treble

Melodia 8
Dolce 8
Viola 4
Viola dolce 4
Harp Aeolienne 2
Sub-Bass 16
Melodia Forte
Bass Coupler


Diapason 8
Dulciana 8
Flute 4
Vox Jubilante 8
Choral 8
Vox Humana
Flute Forte
Teble Coupler


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Vox Humana Jrg 20 nr. 1