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Estey Style Z and/or O

Estey EPRO Organ

Temperaments project

Cluj Cathedral Rumania

Estey Style H

J.B.N. Fourneaux






Bert Mooiman
(pagina verplaatst naar de rubriek "Muziek")





Wheel of Fortune


Hilarious Google results






























Chicago Cottage Organ Co.



I am seeking a buyer for the organ shown in the attached photo. The organ
was built by the Chicago Cottage Organ Company. It can be operated by foot
power or electricity.
If you know of someone who is interested, please have them contact me by
email or telephone.

Thank you,

Ken Elmer
Louisville KY

To contact mr. Elmer send an e-mail








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In the meantime I have been told that the animation can not be refreshed in Firefox. Another nice comment was: where are the reeds? In the final page, there will be additional pictures, showing what part of the action you are looking too. This editon is only a try out.





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