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Johannes Matthias Michel
Sigfrid Karg-Elert Harmoniumworks Vol 5


Harmoniumworks Vol 5


Titel Sigfrid Karg-Elert Harmoniumworks Vol 5 disc
nr cpo 999-843-2
Artiest Johannes Matthias Michel
jaar 2002
Uitgever CPO


This recording was performed on a Harmonium d'art by Johannes Titz, Löwenberg, 1912


Sonata No 1 opus 36 in B Minor
  01   Quais Fantasia 5:16  
  02   Interludium 6:29  
  03   Finale 4:32  
  04   Abendgeühl (Evening Mood) Ruhevoll 2:03  
Sonata No 2 opus 46 in B flat minor
  05   Enharmonische Fantasie und Doppelfuge 12:51  
  06   Canzone 12:38  
  07   Toccata 13:35  


"The Gewandhaus organist Paul Homeyer was the first to encourage Karg-Elert to compose for the organ and also instructed him in this art.
Karg-Elert began with adapting harmonium compositions for the organ, with these adaptions including the slow movements of the two sonatas recorder here, namely the Sonatas opus 36 and opus 46."

(From the booklet)



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