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Lenter 'Orgelharmonium' at Tamm (Germany)

Orgelharmonium: Burkhard Pflomm
Sopran: Angelika Lenter

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Cover Orgelharmonium cd


cd 44 disc


Release data

Title Die neue Form(el) der Klänge / Orgelharmonium
Number private release

Burkhard Pflomm, Orgelharmonium
Angelika Lenter, soprano

Year 2010
Publisher Lenter Orgelbau GmbH Sachsenheim



Christian Fink - Geistliche Lieder [Orgelharmonium and soprano]
01 Sorge nicht! Opus 51/1   3:30  
02 Still mit Christus Opus 51/2   2:00  
03 Ergebung Opus 49/1   5:01  
Marco Enrico Bossi 'Theme et Variations
04 Maestosamente - Theme - Andante effettuoso   1:12  
05 Variation I - Stesso tempo   0:59  
06 Variation II - a tempo rubato   1:10  
07 Variation III - Vicacissimo   0:35  
08 Variation IV - Sostenuto   1:08  
09 Variation V - Andantino   1:20  
10 Variation VI - Allegro   0:40  
11 Variation VII - Pastorale   0:57  
12 Finale - Fuge   4:19 SOUNDCLIP
Max Reger - Geistliche Lieder
13 Ich sehe dich in tausend Bildern Opus 105/1   2:12  
14 Meine Seele ist still zu Gott   2:29  
Edward Elgar - Vesper Voluntaries - Opus 14
15 I Introduction - Adagio   1:39  
16 II - Andante   1:41  
17 III - Allegro   2:25  
18 IV - Intermezzo - Andantino   3:17  
19 V - Allegretto piacevole   2:29  
20 VI - Poco lento   1:52  
21 VII - Moderato   2:05  
22 VIII - Allegretto pensoso   2:00  
23 IX - Poco allegro   4:11  
Christian Fink - Arie Opus 60
24 Herr strafe mich nicht!   5:11  


On this record are three types of compositions: A composition by Marco Enrico Bossi, written for pipe organ (Theme et Variations).

The second type is a composition written for organ or harmonium, a composition by Edward Elgar, his opus 14 composed in 1890. This composition shows his origin of church musician, where later he became famous for his orchestral compositions. The atmosphere of these Voluntaries brings Victorian spirit in your mind.

The third part is about Geistliche Lieder, religious songs. Max Reger shows the musical realm of late romanticism, where Stuttgart based Fink was based in the Mendelssohn tradition. Fink wrote a vast number of Geistliche Lieder and secular songs to be sung by his wife, a soprano. His compositions are up until now not published in print.

The artists

Burkhard Pflomm. Born in Esslingen am Neckar. He studied schoolmusic at Freiburg and Church music at Esslingen. Masterclasses with Arivd Gast and Heinz Wunderlich. Worked for many years in a combination of schoolmusic and Church musician at the Stadtkirche Bietigheim.
In 2008 Pflomm became Church musician for the Bietigheim Kirche (multiple parishes). Pflomm became interested in harmonium during his education and is well known as a harmoniumist.

Angelika Lenter. Born in Bietigheim-Bissingen. Studied at Musik Hochschulen (conservatory) in Ludwigsburg, Stuttgart and Karlsruhe.















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