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HVN Jaardag / Annual Meeting 2010 Concert

This recording is online as a cd for easy browsing. In fact it is NOT a cd.
This is a recording by Willem van Tuijl
and is published with permission by the performer
Klaas Trapman.


Annual Meeting 2010 Concert

The instruments played in concert at the Annual Meeting 2010 of HVN
The left harmonium is a Debain, the right is a Hörügel suction instrument.

This recording is not for sale!!

Instruments used in this concert

  Built by:



Hörügel Style 36
5 ranks

x = nicht am Grand Jeu

Vox Humana
Oktav Koppler
Bass Forte
Diskant Forte

1. Diapason 8'
1p. Horn Echo 8'
2. Bourdon 16'
3. Viola 4'
3p. Viola Dolce 4'
6. Aeolusharfe 2' X
6p. Cornettino 2'

1. Melodia
1p. Hohlflöte
2. Cello
3. Flute
4. Oboe X
5. Vox Celeste 8'
Schalmei 8' X
Musette 32' X


Klaas Trapman studied organ, piano and music theory at the Royal Conservatory at the Hague.


Playlist at the concert

A = played on Hörügel
B = played on Debain.


Jan van Nuenen (1880-1970) 90 years of age
    Zes composities voor orgel of harmonium Opus 19
Six compositions for organ or harmonium Opus 19
    Jan van Nuenen    
A 1   Preludium
A 2   Intermezzo
A 3   Improvisatie / Improvisation
A 4   Canon  
A 5   Melodie / Melody  
A 6   Preludium  
    Uit: 6 Orgelcomposities (zonder pedaal) Opus 20
From: 6 Organcompositions (manualiter) Opus 20
A 7   Hymne
A 8   Imitation
A 9   Canon  
A 10   Trio  
A 11   Fughetta  
Joseph Guy Ropartz (1864-1955) 91 years of age
    Uit: Au Pied de l'Autel, deel 1
From: Au pied de l'Autel, part 1
B 12   I Molto tranquillo  
B 13   XXXVI Allegretto
B 14   LV Andantino
    Uit: Au Pied de l'Autel, deel 2
From: Au Pied de l'Autel, part 2
B 15   XI Lento  
B 16   XXI Adagio
B 17   XXIX Andante  
B 18   XXXVIII Andante amabile  
André Fleury (1903-1995) 92 years of age
    uit/from: Vingt-quatre pièces pour Harmonium    
B 19   V Pas trop lent
B 20   VI Assez vite
B 21   XVII Allegretto
B 22   XIX Allegretto
Toegift / Encore
Harry Mayer (1913-1983) 70 years of age
Orgelbewerking over een lied van Johannes Gijsbertus Bastiaans (1812-1875
A 23   Gij, Heer, zijt mijn herder (Psalm 23)
uit: "Muziek van Harry Mayer" (20 pag.)uitgave van de H.V.N. 2010
from: "Muziek van Harry Mayer" (20 pages) published by H.V.N. 2010 as an insert in Vox Humana.
Have a look at the score of Psalm 23 by Harrry Mayer. Acrobat file


Jan van Nuen at his organ in Berlicum

Jan van Nuenen





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