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Does Santa Claus own a harmonium?

see the text on the page




Santa Claus Harmonium

We received the above picture showing Santa Claus playing his harmonium, an Estey.
Obviously this is shere American patriotism.

A well-known Scientists from France (who will remain unnamed due to religious matters) proved that Santa Clause does have a harmonium in European style, and a clear picture was supplied.
The picture was taken 4 weeks after Christmas in his "Chateau Rudolphe"
at the Cote d’Alsace.
(14-01-1922 A.D.)

Santa Claus in January







cd 63


de Jong, de Jong, de Jong, de Jong & Armishaw [ JJJJA ]

Lauren Armishaw
Euwe de Jong, Sybolt de Jong
Rienk de Jong, Elbert de Jong.

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cd 63 Folksong

cd-53 disc

cd-63 list of harmoniums


This page of the booklet is printed slightly bigger than usual on cd pages. Due to a small misunderstanding in the text.

The Alexandre is in the Dutch edition exposed as having 14 ranks, where the writer meant to say 14 stops (The translater had it right).

Hence, the board of Harmoniumnet has decided to fine the textwriter to pay a fine of € 50,00 payable to the Harmonium Museum.

Further more a fine of € 50,00 for changing the name Rodolphe to Rudolphe. Althoug I am almost sure that Rudolphe is the Harmonium of Santa Claus.
That's € 100,00 payable to the Harmonium Museum, because the typos are in the Dutch text.



L = Lauren Armishaw (soprano)
R = Rienk de Jong (countertenor)
E = Elbert de Jong (baryton)

H = Harmoniums
Sybolt & Euwe de Jong
1= Liebig 440 Hz
2= Mannborg 440 Hz
3 = Rodolphe 440 Hz
4= Alexandre 448 Hz

SdJ = Sybolt de Jong
EdJ = Euwe de Jong
JS = Jelle Stellingwerf
D = Daniel Rouwkema


track Titel Composer time Arranged by: Singers/ Harmonium
01 I'm a poor wayfaring stranger English folksong 1'49 SdJ L,R,E + H2,H3
02 Oh Danny Boy Irish Anthem 4'30 EdJ L,R,E + H1,H2
03 Henry Martin English Traditional 4'04 EdJ L,E + H2,H3
04 All through the night Welsh Folk Song 2'44 EdJ L,R,E + H2,H3
05 The Turtle Dove English Folk Song 2'32 EdJ R,E + H1
06 Charlie is my Darling Scottish Traditional 1'37 EdJ L,R,E + H1,H3
07 Farewell Lad Catalan Folk Song 2'29 SdJ L,E + H1,H2
08 Suo Gan Old Welsh Carol 3'40 D L + H4
09 Deep Peace A Gaelic Blessing 2'50 John Rutter / JS L,R,E + H1,H2
10 Adagio in A flat Major Arthur Foote 2'04 Arthur Foote / SdJ H1,H2
11 Cindy American Folksong 1'47 SdJ L,R,E + H1
12 Scarborough Fair Irish Traditional 3'46 EdJ L,E + H1,H2
13 The last Rose of Summer Irish Traditional 2'47 EdJ R,E + H1,H2
14 Molly Malone (Cockels & Mussels) Irish Traditional 3'09 D L,E + H1,H2
15 The Water is Wide Scottish Folksong 2'35 SdJ L,R,E + H1,H2
16 The Sally Gardens Irish Traditional 2'09 EdJ L + H2,H2
17 Going Home After Symph. 9/II 4'57 Dvorak / JS L,R, E + H1,H2

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