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Harmoniumkalender 2009




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Marius van Dokkum


De meest recentie editie van Vox Humana

Jrg. 19 nr. 4

Vox 19-04

Bijlage bij deze editie van Vox Humana: De wereldpremière van een werk van Guilmant en 3 andere werken.


Praktische tip:

let u er wel op dat u een drukwindharmonium gebruikt....het leegzuigen van uw banden schiet ook niet écht op.......



Due to all contacts through mailing lists and e-mail with friends all over the world, some have asked me
"Why doesn't your website show pictures of yours truly?"

After thourough considerations I have decided to share some pictures of me. Even my late father is on this page.

Lower on the page is an article written by mr. Eppo van Veldhuizen as a result of an interview. So there is an unbiassed and objective story about this webmaster :-)


With some of my sisters and brothers


Jannie, Arie en Frans


Picture at the day of birth of my youngest brother


My father and part of his kids

My father at work in his historic work, basketmaking


The webmaster at 2 years of age


The webmaster interviewed in 2007

In Vox Humana Year 18 number 2, april 2007 the President of HVN interviewed me and wrote a portrait about the webmaster.

Cover Vox 18-02  

My way - A portrait

mr. Eppo van Veldhuizen

Frans van der Grijn, the illustrator, the ambassador, the soul of Vox Humana. Final editor and chief editor. Networker, organizer, spokesman, communicating around the globe. Crossing borders and oceans to communicate about his hobby, even better his passion: the harmonium.
Who is in contact with the president of our counterpart society in the Greatest Nation on earth? Frans. He communicates with Jim Tyler, chief editor of the ROS Bulletin. Frans mentions it as if we all know what ROS means, The Reed Organ Society. In absolute numbers the biggest reed organ society of the world. Relative to the number of inhabitants of the country, no more influential than HVN. Even in Italy Frans is known. However, do you "know" when contacts are digital only? Okay, getting to know other people through digital channels works. Just have a look at all those websites about new relations. Nevertheless: the old fashion 'analog' contacts prove to be better: meet and greet, visit, enter the livingroom, talking, open minded conversation.


Russische zilveren jad

Jat 2  

Quite an impressive entry when Frans enters the room. Six foot six in height. Well-spoken, richness of ideas, knowledgeable.

When you like to share the results of your life long collecting? You will be satisfied. Frans notices, touches, ask about what he sees, starts telling stories about them. In the leather bound Bible with brass locks is a silver, Russian “Jat”. Frans knows a Jat. It’s a pointer used to read the Holy Scriptures to avoid that a man’s hand should touch the pages of the Holy Book. “Jat” Hebrew, Frans scored an A at his final exams in biblical Hebrew. Hence, one of his two dogs is named ‘Kaleb’ meaning dog in Hebrew.

Jat 3

Once it was a dream to study theology. However, an academic study was not an option in the big, orthodox protestant family in the rural village of Tienhoven.
One dream however, did come through. In the Dutch Reformed church he heard and enjoyed the mighty and big pipe organ. It revealed a passion to play that mighty instrument. The local School of Music offered an electronic organ to study. The organist of the church offered the pipe organ to study. Henk van Egmond – no relative connections with Piet van Egmond - became his first teacher, and at home there was a reed organ to study.

Organ by Verschueren   Organ by Verschueren
Organ by Verschueren, built 1955
Dutch Reformed Church of Ameide


Verschueren - Slooff
The previous organ enlarged 1979-1983

The reed organ was only a step towards the King of Instruments? Not really. Years afterwards, a family member donated his old reed organ to Frans. “Almost instantaneously I was lost, that sound! That’s what I remembered from my youth."
Shortly after, Frans found the Harmonium Society and just a few weeks later he became a board member and responsible officer to the quarterly magazine Vox Humana.  


Farrand & Votey,
Detroit MI ca. 1890.
2 -1/5 spel bas
5 spel discant

Melodia (8)
Dolce (8)
Viola (4)
Echo (4)
Bass Coupler
Subbass (16)
Vox Humana
Piccolo (2)
Treble Coupler
Celeste (8)
Flute (4)
Clarionet (16)
Dulciana (8)
Diapason (8)

Isn’t it beautiful that an ordinary – be it a very special one – harmonium society crosses the path of life of people. Very nice that the – than 46 years old Frans van der Grijn - found his way. Because his paths in society did not always bring him to the desired places, getting to know the harmonium society is very special.
He, the little boy, the adolescent boy, the only one in the family playing the reed organ and living his personal dreams, was also headstrong, rebellious even.
Was this, what made him to take a diverging path in his life?  Or, even more plausible, was it because he encountered being misunderstood about his sexual orientation?  Frans never married, he loves being with a man.

Het gekregen harmonium

For almost seven years now he is the caretaker for Vox Humana. No effort was too big. No invoice was too big, all to create a magazine both entertaining and scholarly in style. “We need to promote it more vigorously. Even conservatoriums should have their copy. At least 60 to 80 organ students could well be students harmonium also. I need to write a paper on this topic to present to the Harmonium Society” Frans said.

There is a future for the harmonium, the Society, the Vox Humana. “The harmonium” he said “is gaining more and more attraction of professional musicians. Herman van Vliet, a famous organist of Amersfoort gives recitals both on organ and harmonium. Geert Bierling, organist of the City of Rotterdam, does so too.

Frans, he is a very fluent and entertaining speaker. Reading books all the time. Passionately he speaks about “Psalm uproar” a new novel by Maarten ‘t Hart. Frans reads just about every piece of paper, every book about the harmonium and its history. He wants to share his experience in the publishing house Proost & Brandt – wasn’t that once in time the Dutch Bible Company, publisher of the above mentioned Bible? His experience is shared in his position in the voice of the Harmonium Society of the Netherlands, the magazine Vox Humana.

He can accept it when encountering people on his path through life, who will share with him some directions during the joined travelling.


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