This page was created for a research project on one of the main mailingslists on the internet.

Pictures and stoplist are given in order to find out about a certain type of reed organ made by Estey of Brattleboro Vermont.


Estey Brattleboro (Vermont)



Estey Style Z and/or O


Estey EPRO Organ


Estey Style H







Estey "Z" 7 1/5 rows of reeds


The picture from the auction site:


Stoplist given by the seller:

Bass Coupler, Subbass 16 Ft, Bourdon 16, Melodia 8, Dolce 8, Viola 4, Viol d´Amour 4, Harp Aeoline 2, Vox Humana,
Flute d´Amour 4, Flute 4, Choral 8, Dulciana 8, Diapason 8, Vox Jubilante 8, Basset 16, Treble Coupler.

Organ was dated april 1906

The pictures below are from Robert B. Whiting: Estey organs on parade.

Estey Case Design O (action 81 or 83)   Estey Case Design Z (action 56)
Actions for style O   Action for style Z

Additional information: The stoplist given by the seller is the same as the action 57 used in Style V



1891 Style 114, Whiting page 159

Style 114 pricelist 1891


1929 Action 97 in Case H

Pricelist 1929


1936 Style 97 in Case H or as special order in Case O or Z

Pricelist 1936

1941 Action 97 in Case Gothic or Modernistic (with motor), action / Action 97 in Case Gothic, (footpumped)

Pricelist 1941



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