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Op de jaardag 2010 werd door meerderen zeer enthousiat gereageerd op het idee om een aantal Atlassen naar Nederland te halen.

Dat heb ik geregeld, en als extraatje heb ik geregeld dat de Atlas geleverd wordt met een gesigneerde foto van de auteur van de Atlas.

Ik heb me ernstig vergist in het enthousiasme, dat is toch minder dan gezegd.

Van de zes exemplaren staan VIER exemplaren onverkocht in de verpakking te wachten op een wonder.

En nog maar een paar weken geleden, ontdekt iemand dat ik een tweetal dissertaties in mijn bezit heb, die nergens te koop zijn. Of ik die maar even gratis wil e-mailen.

Mijn antwoord kunt u na dit verhaal bedenken.

Kortom, ik voel me behoorlijk genomen.


















HVN Jaardag 2010




Jaardag 2010 Jaardag 2010 Jaardag 2010

Members meeting

In the morning we always start with the member meeting. Very important documents are shared, telling us our treasurer again has managed to put more money on our bankaccount. The only thing we now had to do was to approve his labour. And yes, we did so. The meeting extended to almost 90 minutes. The HVN has proven to be a 300+ member society, sound balance sheet, and an enthousiast group of members. We share the love for the reed organ and harmonium, a number of them exhibited and playable at location.

Jaardag 2010 Jaardag 2010 Jaardag 2010


Jaardag 2010 Kotykiewicz

Friendship and love

A very special moment was at the start of the meeting where we had a moment of rememberance dedicated to Janny Bron - Weerman. She passed away. And it is my personal note that it should be written as "Called home by her Saviour". We remember her and she will be in our thoughts and even more: in our hearts for ever. Good to support Piet in this meeting for his loss of his wife and buddy.

Jaardag 2010 Jaardag 2010 Jaardag 2010

Opening concert

It is a tradition for 20 years now: The Annual Meeting will begin with a small recital. Klaas van Boggelen played Entrée by Lefébure-Wély, Prélude by Théodore Dubois and Sortie by Lefébure-Wély. For this recital a Debain was used.

Soundtracks of the opening recital

1. L.J.A. Lefébure-Wély Entrée
2. Théodore Dubois
3. L.J.A. Lefébure-Wély



Summary of the meeting

Vox Humana the quarterly magazine by H.V.N. will have 4 pages full colour in every volume. We have the money for that, the treasurer said. (Although he was not present due to a visit to his mother in Canada. There was also an overview of ideas for the new HVN website. And also traditional was the president's speech on the mission statement of the H.V.N.

Jaardag 2010 Jaardag Jaardag


Our Annual member meetings are very pleasant meetings every year. That is why so many visit this event. Over 40 members attended this meeting.

And despite the worldwide financial crisis, the annual fee for membership will remain the same, € 30 per year. And even the fee for the lunch remained unchanged to € 6,00 for soup and rolls with cheese and ham. We have no Jewish members :-)

Jaardag 2010 Concert



HVN has issued a new cd titled "Diverstissement". A recording by Arno Kerkhof. Details will be soon on this website in the Luister section of this website.


The afternoon concert

Klaas Trapman, organist and pianist (he studied Organ, Piano and Music Theory at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague. He lives in The Hague - better even: of Scheveningen (mind the pronounciation!)

He played a concert on both a suction reed organ and harmonium as well. The reed organ was built by M. Hörügel from Germany. The harmonium was a Debain from France.

Listen to the concert HERE


The playlist was:

Jan van Nuenen (1880-1970)
Organist at Berlicum, NL
Joseph Gy Ropartz (1874-1955)
  • Preludium
  • Intermezzo
  • Improvisatie
  • Canon
  • Melodie
  • Preludium

From: 6 Orgelcomposities zonder pedaal Opus 20

(6 Organ compositions without pedals)

  • Hymne
  • Imitation
  • Canon
  • Trio
  • Fughetta

Uit: Au Pied de l'Autel, part I

  • I Molto tranquillo
  • XXXVI Allegretto
  • LV Andantino

Uit: Au Pied de l'Autel, part 2

  • XI Lento
  • XXI Agagio
  • XXIX Andante
  • XXXVIII Andante amabile
André Fleury (1903-1995 Organiste du Choeur, Madeleine, Paris France

Uit: Vingt-quatre pièces pour Harmonium

  • V Pas trop lent
  • VII Assez vite
  • XVII Allegretto
  • XIX Allegretto

Severe Punishment

One of the boards member will be scourged officially during a special meeting. There will be a a wrecked reed organ, playing way out of tune. Just because he managed to design the cover of the meetings booklet.

Showing the name of
armonium Vereniging Nederland as
ederlandse Harmonium Vereniging.

We made him sign a contract stating he will be a lifetime paying member of H.V.N.
This decision was blessed twice, because we have both a priest and a minister amongst our HVN Staff officers.

Jaardag 2010



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