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I bare you on eagles' wings, and brought you unto myself

Exodus 19: 4b


In memoriam Jannie Bron-Weerman

Rouwkaart Jannie Bron-Weerman


It is with a heartfelt sadness to hear Jannie Bron-Weerman has passed away during the holidays in Rostock Germany.

Jannie was like the force behind the throne within the Dutch Reed Organ Society HVN. Over a period of over a decade she supported her beloved husband in his passionate love for the harmonium and his long-time efforts to promote the harmonium as a member of the HVN’s presidium. She has been the one to empower him in his work for HVN.

Over the years I have met Jannie many times. Both on annual meetings, as well at their private home in Oss.

One of her distinct capabilities was to listen to a guy like me – sometimes too passionate and too straight forward – and keep on listening. And out of the blue make a statement to put me with both feet back on standing ground. I really loved her for that.

Also very impressive was - and still is - the warmth and tenderness of both Jannie and Piet regarding my sexual orientation. No negative comments, just that ‘missionary’ pronouncing of the Lord’s love for all His children in history.

The moment I was informed that Jannie passed away, my thoughts were on a story I had seen in a local historical magazine many years ago. Back in the late 19th century on the village’s graveyard there was a tombstone of a young English boy, named Jimmy. His memorial stone had only a few words on it:


Yes, Lord!

This is by far the most comprehensive text for me to remember Jannie. God called her name, and Jannie ascended to heaven, to find out that God loves here so much, he even borrowed the Trayser harmonium for a moment to welcome here with this hymn:

O God, our help in ages past

and telling her He has an alternative text available for Piet and the children and grandchildren:

O God, our help in times to come!

We all will miss her, and are sadly mourning. But even more: I am sure she is now joining the heavenly choruses praising God.

Rest in peace.

In Te Domine speravi, non confundar in aeternum.


Piet and Jannie


Foto: Joop Rodenburg


Jannie Bron-Weerman 2010

To honour and to remember.

picture: courtesy of the Bron family