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Estey Style Z and/or O

Estey EPRO Organ

Temperaments project

Cluj Cathedral Rumania

Estey Style H

J.B.N. Fourneaux


Scanning project

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Mustel 104



Mustel 223



Mustel 244



Mustel 292



Smith American



Eckmann Opus 1





Lionheads & Grips

Every now and than a harmonium has to be moved. Most of the time when mrs. Bucket (pronouced Bouquet) the lady of the house feels to clean the parlour where she keeps her "Royal Doulton with the Periwinkles".

It is nice to imagine the parlor of the Bucket residence like this:

Yes, it is. The Famous Mason & Hamlin Style 1400 pressure harmonium.

To move the harmonium during the annual Springcleaning, builders of harmoniums featured the instruments with handles. Sometimes just a piece of wood attached to the side, sometimes true pieces of artwork.

In our collection we only have pictures of a few types. We hope to have more in due time. Your help would be very apreciated in this search!

  Leonhardt 1921
Mustel 104   Mustel 223
  Mustel 292
Alexandre   Smith American
Smith American Style 600


Eckmann Opus 1 ca. 1880

These handles are mounted on a harmonium built in 2007-2010 (not ready yet)
The handles were found in a Paris house and are originally doorknobs.