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Each and every year again in North America owners of the bigger sized Pedal Reed Organs fitted with a ventilator to produce the wind (or whatever mechanism working on electricity) cannot be played due to storms, hurricanes, flooding and other disasters.

In 1884 - quite some time ago in history - this problem was solved. You sit on your Estey T, E, or G style bench, but no sound, because no power available. Mr. Conrad Buess in Cannstatt solved the problem. He found (and patented) that rocking on your bench will give you the pleasure of playing with no electricity at all!

Read the patent description, have a look at the drawings. Next send an e-mail to listmember O. Facteur in Canada ( you know, the country where people have guns but don’t walk around to shoot  peole for no reason, according our beloved nestor of Harmonium history, the late Robert F. Gellerman), and ask mr. O. Facteur to build a system for your Estey or your Mason & Hamlin 1200/1202 3mp without electrical power.

To promote this offer I have made a special discount deal with Mr. Facteur:  If you sign the sales document, and promise that the first recital on your enhanced Pedalreedorganwith rocking capability will start with your own improvisation on the gospel melody of “Rock me to sleep” and also promise to have your improvisation on Youtube, you will receive a discount of 34% on the initial invoice.



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