update: 12-09-2010


Theme of the contest

"People and Pipeorgans"


I reversed the theme, due to this lovely church under restoration.

The organ too is under restoration, only with carefull viewing you will find there is a pipe organ behind the screen. And it happens to be a historic one.


Built 1895



Hoofdwerk (Great):

Bourdon 16',
Violon 16' (discant),
Prestant 8',
Holpijp 8',
Octaaf 4',
Fluit 4',
Quint 3',
Octaaf 2',
Mixtuur III sterk,
Trompet 8'


Bourdon 8',
Viola di Gamba 8',
Prestant 4',
Roerfluit 4',
Woudfluit 2',
Sesquialter II sterk.


Attached to Hoofdwerk















Photocontest 2010

Picture: © Frans van der Grijn 2010



Contest picture