update: 18-08-2010

On this page I show you some result pages of Google I noticed in my Statcounter tool. Statcounter shows what search phrase was used by the visitor.

Where relevant I will translate the search phrase for visitors



Searching using Google ca n be fun

September 8, 2009 (translation of the search phrase): How to move your tongue during French kissing



Monday August 16 2010 an eBay sale.

The eBay page in itself was hilarious enough, as always, someone topped it by sending an explanation what the sale is really about...

See the page HERE (converted to an Acrobat file)

And next some guy from Oxford - isn't that one of the most famous Universities in the British hemisphere? - tellling a collector of harmonium what you see in the sale, and how it works:


Dear Brian,
One peddle is half way down be-cause, the peddals are linked to-gether
like on a locamotive, you mus'tnt push both paddles down at once. These
old fashined organs work on air, the knee thing prevides the air, you
work it with your knee's. The white pull's above the key-board give you
cords, you play one note and others sound simaltunoeusly, the peddles
play the deep note's. I think this malodion is actualy Canadian,
probably from Dakota or some-where. They are very valuble, you rarley
come accross them, some have miror's with the pipe's behind, obvoiusly
this kind of organ is obsalete these days, electric organs have
taken-over, the make a much better sound but some poeple still preffer
the old fashoned one's, beats me why.
Yours very truely,
Mr T.
The World Wide Free Reed Communion (W.W.F.R.C.) has unanymous voted to have mr. T. for president for 20 years from now.