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Rodolphe ca. 1850

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Guy Ropartz


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Vox Humana Jrg.20 nr. 3

Vox Humana 20-03


Vox Humana Jaargang 20 nummer 3 Volume 79

Inhoudsopgave / Table of contents



3 Een bijzonder Amerikaans harmonium uit Engeland. Izak Lindhout
A Burdett pedal reed organ found in England. The organ stood dismissed for some years now. 21 stops: Pedals: 1 rank; Great: 3,5 ranks; Choir 2,5 ranks.

6 Mens en harmonium: Jan Vos initiatiefnemer en oprichter van het Harmonium Museum Nederland. - Joop Rodenburg
Jan Vos initiated the Harmonium Museum in the Netherlands. An interview.

8 Een handboek voor een historisch instrument - Piet Bron & Wim Rhebergen
An introduction of the Handbook for Harmonium written by prof. dr. Joris Verdin. About this book on this site

15 Hanna Kylenty: Mijn muziek is emotie, vuur! - Wim Rhebergen
An interview with Hanny Kulenty. Kulenty is a well known contemporain composer. She composed 2 works for harmonium: "Harmonium" (featured on a cd by Dirk Luijmes (look here) and "Preludium and Psalm". (Later in the article mentioned as: "Preludium, Postludium and Psalm" for accordeon and Cello! The website of Kulenty show it as "Preludium and Psalm (2007) - harmonium solo or another keyboard instrument" .

It seems a pity to me that there is no referral at all to the cd "(Awfully) nice Family" played by (one of) the most active promotors of harmonium, being a member of HVN. "Harmonium" is on this cd!

18 Franse onderscheiding voor onze secretaris - Alex Bron
Piet Bron, secretary and devoted promotor of the harmonium, received the "Diplome de Médaille de Bronze" awarded to him by the Société Académique d'Education et d'Encouragement 'Arts - Science - Lettres' "
Obviously all members of the HVN support this Award. Piet did really earn it! Congratulations!! Also, it would have been very nice to have the Chairman of the HVN to write more than the 15 words he wrote about this award.

19 Kerkhof's oude Trayser middelpunt in Wiesbaden. Franciscus van den Berg
Dutch harmonium player Arno Kerkhof owned a 5 ranks Trayser harmonium. This instrument has now gone to Wiesbaden (yeps, the city where Elvis did "his time" in the army). There in Wiesbaden, organist Andreas Karthäuser celebrated his 20th year as an organist of the Thalkirche. With help from his r.c. collegue at the nearby "Herz Jesu" kirche, where Van den Berg has an 2 ranks Hermann Burger Harmonium available in the church.

28 Harmonium met windmotor - Mannes Welleweerd
Mannes Welleweerd started a new career a few years ago as an restorer of reed organs. In this capacity he is the formal restorer connected to the Harmonium Museum Nederland. In this article he presents a thourough description how to use a windmotor in reed organs, without breaking reeds and other kinds of damage to the reed organ. With drawings and pictures.

Short articles:

2 Redactioneel / From the editor
2 Decorated / By the President
10 Recensie Harmonium Handbook / A review
15 Bladmuziek van Guy Ropartz / Sheet music of Guy Ropartz "Molto tranquillo"
21 Harmonium van het kwartaal / Featuring a harmonium 2mp pressure by Van der Tak Rotterdam
23 John Stainer: Crucifixion / Impressie van een uitvoering met harmonium / Impression of a choral perfermance with harmonium
24 Anne Page speelt L'Organiste / Ann Page plays L'Organiste by César Franck. A review
26 Concertagenda / Concert Calendar.
27 Boëllmann marathon. A festival where ALL of Boëllmann's harmonium works will be played. Anyone (!) can volunteer to play a part of it.
31 Uit het Harmonium Museum / News from the Harmonium Museum. In this message is a kind of hidden message about a new harmonium cd, to be released in november 2009
32 Vraag en aanbod / For sale. & HVN webshop for cd's, scores and books.

Front and cover: A Burdett 2mp on the cover and a Liebig suction reed organ "Flügelform" (see pictures)