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Inhoudsopgave / Table of contents

Cover picture: Indian harmonium
Cover backside: Mustel Art Harmonium, owned by Artis Wodehouse, New York, restoration by Louis Huivenaar

2 Editorial by Wim Rhebergen
2 Presidents column: A Dutch newspaper featured an interview with Haroon Bacha, a Pakistan performer. This interview was published with the title "Refuge in New York" showing a full page picture of a harmonium as the one on the cover of this volume ( see above) underlined with a heading: "God's enemy". This interview was published February 6th 2010. About the same content was published in The New York Times, on October 12th 2008

Has anyone of our visitors ever before imagined that "our instrument of harmony" ever would be a reason to forge one to refuge?

3 Hoite Pruiksma An inspired musician. Pruiksma is a Frysian musician involved in a peculiar project at the moment. He is busy creating a "buoy" creating sounds initiated by the movement of the buoy due to the waves. Inside the pipes are reeds ( as in a reed organ) hence creating tones. He also was responsible for a theatre show featuring a rather peculiar minister in the Netherlands, the hon. Rev. Zelle. The show about this reverend featured both types of reed organ & harmonium.

7 Hermann Wenzel. A forgotten German composer of harmonium music. A biography and review of his compositions.

10 Paul Houdijk: "I'm a happy man". Mr. Paul Houdijk is an organist. At the cathedral of the Archdiocese of Utrecht. He loves music in romantic style. Before he became an organist - in his opinion more a calling than a trade - he studied law at Nijmegen University. In the early 90's of last century he became blind due to retinitis pigmentosa.

He owns a Mannborg Schwellorgel, a 2mp reed organ of German breed. A rather impressive system of mechanical motorizing of the bellows. Mr. Houdijk owns a 7 ranks instrument. The picture below is a 11 rank model, even a 15 rank model was available.

Mannborg Schwell orgel

I have been told from a mysterious source, that in one of the upcoming editions of Vox Humana, the Mannborg Schwell Orgel will be featured in a big article.

Mr. Houdijk initiated the building of a a software package to verbalize music scores, to be able to study new repertoire.

13 Frisia reed organ with built in 'harmonista'. Although the name Frisia refers to Friesland, the instrument itself is made by Emile Müller (Werdau, Germany). Unique is that this chord player mechanisme is not on top of the keyboard, but below the keyboard.

15 Bénédiction, composed by Henri Dallier. A score. The full score of this composition with important technical remarkt by Klaas Trapman.

18 Was Rippen really a builder of reed organs. During the 17th year of Vox Humana a few articles were decicated to the Rippen firm at The Hague, selling a reed organ named Organor. Some ongoing research does seem to reveal that Rippen did not desing or even build the instruments. It seems they were assembled by the Amsterdam company of Goldschmeding, using parts built by Beyer (Wiehe & Bielefeld, Germany). A dream smashed?

19 Cover article: An Indian harmonium. Two ranks of reeds displayed in two pages. The instrument is on the cover, see above.

22 Henk Jan Heuvelink, keyboardplayer. Obviously, not a modern specimen of keyboard as in Korg, Yamaha or Nord. Henk Jan plays the harmonium/ reed organ as accompagnist of the rather wellknow Marike Jager.

25 Gangs goan - midwinterhorn and harmonium. Harmoniumplayer and organist Dick Sanderman composed a work for harmonium and traditional midwinterhorn in Eastern Netherlands. A soundtrack can be heard here.

28 CD review Komm und Schau. A review by Johan van Markesteijn. This cd is on this web site including some soundtracks.

29 Paul Gauguin in his casual outfit at home.

Paul Gauguin


30 Carnegie Hall New York. The "First Harmonium Concerto" by Martijn Padding, will be featured by Dirk Luijmes at Carnegie Hall on April 16 2010. Google for a hotelroom to participate in this concert. Reviews are welcome to by published here.




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