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Inhoudsopgave / Table of contents

Cover picture: John Holt 3mp harmonium, custom built for dr. Marmaduke Conway. 27 ranks, 41 stops.
Cover backside: Mustel Art Harmonium, 1888, owned by mr. Gerald Dumont of New York, restoration by Louis Huivenaar

1 Index by Wim Rhebergen
2 Editorial by Wim Rhebergen In memoriam Jannie Bron-Weerman by Rev. Kok van Nood, HVN President.

3 A forgotten queeste by collector and restorer mr. Izak Lindhout. He managed to acquire the John Holt reed organ shown on the cover. This instrument has been in the Saltaire Museum of Reed Organs and harmoniums. Sold a few years ago to someone in London, and now in Holland. Pictures in the magazine are in full colour.

7 Klaas Hoek live at Wim Rhebergen. Yes, you grasped the message: Larry King is going to retire soon. Wim will follow King's footsteps. Klaas Hoek is wellknown to all visitors of this website by now. (Bach-chorales, various cd recordings). As a very talented musician, dedicated to the home organs using free reeds, hence both suction and pressure instruments, has an inquiring mind. "The question is: Does it sound okay? What do I have to do to make it better?"

11 Klaas Hoek. A revaluation of German built reed organs. A musicologic article showing the evolution of musical taste from 1819 - 1945.

15 Joop Rodenburg How to buy a Stevens portable folding reed organ in Londons Underground at Victoria Station. Scotland Yard is now preparing to sue him for illegal export of Brithish heritage. :-)

16 Wim Rhebergen

"At last, at last, famous at last.
Looking over the green meadows of Holland I had a dream. That one day overlooking the green pastures of the internet, we will see an article in Vox Humana promoting
Wim depicts the history of this website and its contents. And vibrant it is, his article."

I am Frans van der Grijn, and I endorse this message.

17 Klaas Trapman 'Prière', by Philip Loots. A short biography and musical explanation of the Prière. Followed by the full score at pages 18 & 19.

20 Joop Rodenburg In Vox 20-2 organist Paul Houdijk was interviewed and his Mannborg Schwellorgel was mentioned. In this edition showing detailed information on this German pedal reed organ of 7 ranks.

In edition 20-02 wrote: "He owns a Mannborg Schwellorgel, a 2mp reed organ of German breed. A rather impressive system of mechanical motorizing of the bellows. Mr. Houdijk owns a 7 ranks instrument. The picture below is a 11 rank model, even a 15 rank model was available."

Mannborg Schwell orgel

I have been told from a mysterious source, that in one of the upcoming editions of Vox Humana, the Mannborg Schwell Orgel will be featured in a big article.

22 Klaas van Boggelen From various magazines. Major topics:

  • Het Orgel (The Organ, periodical of the Royal Organist Society in the Netherlands): Dick Sanderman reviewed "Harmonium Handboek" by dr. Joris Verdin
  • Nota Bene (Periodical of the Church Musician's Society): The regional department of Overijssel, decided to visit the Harmonium Museum Nederland. Klaas Hoek explained the harmonium to organists.
    Let this meeting be blessed, please.

23 Gerald Dumont The story in a nutshell: New York inhabitant Gerald Dumont was born and raised in Haïti, where as a child he was confronted with a Mustel harmonium d'art in the local Roman-Catholic church. Twas in the town of Léogâne. It is known that the Léogâne Mustel was removed some years before the Haïtian earthquake, the whereabouts of that Mustel is a mistery. Dumont found a Mustel harmonium d' art in Wales. The instrument refreshed his mind and priest Dumont starting to write his emotional memories, in an article as long as a calvinistic sermon. :-)

The article

26 Wim Rhebergen Artis Wodehouse in Concert. Wim acts as the ghostwriter for Louis Huivenaar. Artis played a concert, playing 3 different reed organs, at Merkin Concert Hall, New York on april 21 2010. As the restorer of of all five harmoniums owned by Artis, Louis was present at this concert and told Wim what to write. And it ended with this very nice article.

28 Klaas van Boggelen Restorer of harmoniums Arie Schüller (no Crystal Cathedral connections) has a motto: Harmoniums are acceptable again.

29 Kok van Nood. Once in Hollands royal city... there was a Queen, with a special palace to work every day, signing laws and telling politicans "Hurry up, make me a new team of government. To celebrate her birthday a concert was given at Noordeinde Palace. A harmonium Concert. By Dirk Luijmes.

this is a Queen
this a a palace to work

30 Willem van Tuijll A concert at The Hague at the Nieuwe Bad Kapel by Bert Mooiman (piano) and Klaas Trapman (harmonium).

31 Johan van Markesteijn Concert by Dick Sanderman playing 2 harmoniums (Rodolphe ca. 1850; and Christophe & Etienne 1869).

32 Wim Olthof From his collection old and older newspaper articles will be shown in his new topic "From my archives" In this issue the use of a harmonium in the lobby to suggest the brothel was a "guesthouse". Pictures of reed organ and whiskey.

34 Bert Koerselman Update from the Harmonium Museum Nederland.

The museum's concert hall


35 Johan van Markesteijn. New harmonium recordings. Some of them on soon.






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