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Inhoudsopgave / Table of contents

Cover picture: Worcester Reed Organ. (A Dutch brand, connected with Worcester Organ Co. in Worcester MA). The instrument is 4 ranks.
Cover backside: Schiedmayer Celesta 1969. Owner: Conservatory at Amsterdam. Restoration by Louis Huivenaar. The fretwork has been replaced with "streckgitter". (Explanation: the pictures below. Both are Schiedmayer Celestas, an older one and a new one.)

Woodwork streckgitter
Older model with wooden fretword Modern model with streckgitter in gold colour.


1 Index by Wim Rhebergen
2 Editorial by Wim Rhebergen The fourth lustrum of HVN by Rev. Kok van Nood, HVN President.

3 Harmonium builders in the Netherlands Part One by collector Wim Olthof.

10 Harry Mayer: Portrait of a composer. by Wim Rhebergen.

14 The heritage of Harry Mayer. by Klaas Trapman

15 'Harmonium culture is part of the Dutch musical heritage' An interview with Frits Zwart, CEO of NMI (Netherlands Music Insititute at the Hague) The works of Harry Mayer are in the NMI collection.

These 3 articles are connected to to the music album that comes with this edition of Vox Humana containing 7 works by Harry Mayer.

This album is the third one published by HVN


Music book Title page and index


17 Surprise: an organ and reed organ museum in China. Ineke Kuiling

Ineke visited the city Xiamen in the province Fujian in the south-east of China

China East side


20 A pimped Worcester Reed Organ A found reed organ that proved to be a 'monday morning' product. Even in the case work obvious mistakes were made. The owner decided to pimp the instrument. And the most important: It now plays as it should.

Before: a disaster the pimped and playing instrument


22 Klaas van Boggelen From various magazines. Major topics:

  • The Reed Organ Society is looking for a location to the vast archives of the ROS.
  • Pianola Bulletin has an articel on Les Noces by Stravinsky. This scenic composition was played ate the 26th Royal Queens Day Concert, where Queen Beatrix of the Royal Kingdom of the Netherlands was present.
this is a Queen
this a a palace to work
  • Reformatorisch Dagblad (a Dutch paper) presented an article on HVN board member and collector of harmoniums and organs, Rev. Jaap Spaans. This article is on this website. Find it HERE.

24 The German Reed Organ: A revaluation. by Klaas Hoek. This is the start of a series of articles featuring the suction reed organ fitted with expression and double expression. The articles will be connected to the digital edition published at the website of Klaas Hoek. Click to read the website

27 Heavenly! A review of a concert by Dirk Luijmes and others. Theme of the concert was the Pythagorean adagium 'harmoy of spheres'.

28 Divertissement A new recording of harmonium music played by Arno Kerkhof. This disc will be available on the Annual Meeting of HVN for € 10,00 .

Although the new disc is presented twice in this volume, as a release by NVH ( ???) it is obviously a releaseby HVN. Hence: the important fact is the release of yet another recording, featuring the harmonium. The recording has been played on historic instruments from the Spaans collection: a Physharmonica by Deutschmann 1845; two Debains of 1852 and 1859 and a Mustel 1897. The skills of the performer, Arno Kerkhof, is a promise: This will be a disc you want to have, I am sure! As soon as I have the disc, it will be on this website.

29 O Heilige Nacht (O, Holy night) A review of this disc by Klaas Trapman. And it shows: This is a disc you need to have in your collection. See & hear on this page

30 Fire messages by Wim Olthof. Three articles from the papers in 1878, 1912, 1911, about a fire in harmonium factories.

34 Bert Koerselman Update from the Harmonium Museum Nederland. In this update details about harmoniums built in the Netherlands.

33 Annaual Meeting of HVN

Saturday, oktober 30th at Barneveld.

14:00 Harmonium concert on both harmonium and reed organ by Klaas Trapman.

35 Adverts One of these adverts says:

"We tried to clean the reeds of our Kröger reed organ. And something went wrong. All reeds are unusable now. We are now looking for four full ranks:

  • 1 x 16'
  • 2 x 8'
  • 1 x 4'.

All ranks are 68 notes"

The lesson: Don't clean reeds if you don't know how to do that.






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