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Vox Humana Jaargang 24 nr. 02 Volume 94

January 2013O , 40 pages



vox-24-02 cover  



Inhoudsopgave / Table of contents


Cover front: Worcester Reed Organ Co. Worcester MA, ca. 1900

Cover back: Packard, Fort Wayne, Indiana, Style 85P, 6 June 1906


Packard Style 85P 1906


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1. Indexpage | Inhoudsopgave

Zesendertig pagina's met plezier en informatie | 36 pages of information and fun

2. Editioral | Redactioneel

2. Van de voorzitter / The presidents quarterly Harmonium Sermon

3. Joop Rodenburg: Harmonium Dumont & Lelièvre: a educational instrument used in music education in schools. The educational part is, that when a key is pressed, the relevant pointer on pops out showing the key pressed in the correct colour, white or black.

Dumont et Lelievre

5. Patrick-Alain Faure : Instruction pour Jouer et Reparer, au besoin Les Orgues à anches libres. Published 2008 in the magazin of l'Association de l'Harmonium Français. The article is a transcript of the original by François Alexandre Debain

11 Wim Rhebergen: Annie M.G. Schmidt en Harry Bannink in de 21e eeuw. "De Supersonische Boem"

To learn about the famous composer and poet Annie M.G. Schmidt see Wikipedia in English

13 Barry de Frel: Repairs using modern materials.

15 Jan van Mol: Louis-James-Alfred Lefébure-Wély: La Sainte Chapelle [Vade Mecum de l'Organiste] 1869
"Verset in F. Acrobat file 1 page

The full edition of La Sainte Chapelle in 4 volumes is available at € 15,00 for one volume, all volumes together is € 50,00. Information at Jan van Mol: e-mail addres.

20 Klaas Hoek: Music of Franz Liszt in a concert. Vocals, choir, and 2 harmoniums. An indepth musicological essay about using the right instrument fitting the music.

25 Joop Rodenburg: A harmonium built by Leichel, organbuilders. Single row, 2 Forte stops.

27 Johann van Markesteijn: Review of the CD Janácek: Choral Works

27 Johan van Markesteijn: Review of the CD Daan Manneke 50 jaar vocaal.

27 Johan van Markesteijn: Review of the CD Mauriceo Kagel: Chorbuch Les Inventions d'Adolphe Sax.

28 Johann van Markesteijn: Review of the CD De Supersonische Boem! (see above)

29 Wim Rhebergen: Focus on the Harmonium in an new module in organ education at the Fontys Conservatory at Tilburg. Information at this e-mail

Een Campania harmonium waarvan de kast volledig verteerd is; en ook nog een Campania Harmonium waarvan het binnenwerk vergaan is. Mannes Welleweerd greep zijn gereedschapskist en bracht kast en binnenwerk bij elkaar, en nu een compleet 5 spels Campania instrument in tip-top conditie. Hier geldt: 1 plus 1 = 1.

30 Klaas van Boggelen: A review of the concert at Utrecht Nicolai Church featuring Christmas Carols played by Euwe en Sybolt de Jong on 2 harmoniums. Info about this CD Christmas Carols see CD 66 in this website.

31 Klaas van Boggelen: Excerpts of other magazins.

31 Wim Rhebergen: Jaardag 2012, een verslag | Annual Meeting HVN 2012, a report

32 Bert Koerselman [Harmonium Museum Nederland]: A Hammond Organ in the Harmonium Museum? A very rare instrument. The Hammon Company in Worcester MA made reeds and part for Sears, Roebuch & Co, as wel as complete instruments. Shown as Hammond Reed Co in 1901. Hammond sold out to Hinners Organ co. (R.F. Gellerman's Reed Organ Atlas, page 93).

33: Eppo van Veldhuizen: "Wim Rhebergen and Dom Amandus Prick." The editor of Vox Humana is also writer and publisher of books. Here a book showing the history of the Cistercienser Monastery at Tegelen near Venlo in the south of the Netherlands. A 439 pages document.

35: Klaas van Boggelen: The Worcester reed organ shown on the cover.

36 HVN Winkel | Compact-discs; Musical scores; older issues of Vox Humana; Brochures about the technical history of the Reed Organ/Harmonium


The Harmonium Museum Netherlands is very ALIVE AND KICKING. Have a look at the website

Harmonium Museum

Picture 2011 © Frans van der Grijn


Volgende Vox Humana | Next edition of Vox Humana

De volgende editie van Vox Humana, nr. 24-03 Volume 95, verschijnt op 1 juli 2013

The next edition of Vox Humana will be released on July 1, 2013.

















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